We are an independent, Christian-based co-educational school with dedicated and professional staff, offering classes from Grade 0000 to Grade 12. Through a balanced programme of academic, cultural, sporting and community & social partnership activities as well as a measure of fun, the school prides itself on developing Christian love and self-esteem in children and a moral code as espoused in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ensuring that they are able to make a meaningful contribution to an ever-changing society. Focus is given to developing and inspiring the whole child and equipping each one with relevant leadership and life skills.

Our Mission Statement

Thomas More College is a school that:

  • Meets children where they are and strives to bring out the very best in each individual, whatever their ability;
  • Nurtures their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development;
  • Produces happy, confident, self-motivated individuals who strive to achieve their goals, whilst being sensitive to the needs of others;
  • Is always about the leading edge of educational thinking and development;
  • Endeavours always to improve on our previous best;
  • Remains centred in Christian values.

2020 A-Z Information Booklet