Thomas More College is an independent, Christian-based co-educational school with dedicated and professional staff, offering classes from Grade 0000 to Grade 12. Through a balanced programme of academic, cultural, sporting and community activities as well as a measure of fun, the school prides itself on developing Christian love and self-esteem in children and a moral code as espoused in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ensuring that they are able to make a meaningful contribution to an ever-changing society. Focus is given to developing and inspiring the whole child and equipping each one with relevant leadership and life skills.

Our Vision

  • To develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

Our Mission

  • To provide An Inspired Education

Our Core Values

Purpose:   Def: The reason for which something is done, created or exists.
Everyone student is created with a purpose – An Inspired Education provides a range of opportunities for students to find, explore and grow into their purpose

Belonging:  Def: To be in a suitable place. An affinity for a place, a situation or a group.
If a student knows that they belong and, therefore, trust their learning space, they feel safe to pour their energy into their work and learning opportunities – An Inspired Education draws students into a space where develop an affinity for learning.

Effort:  Def: A vigorous or determined attempt.
Ongoing effort, when directed with intent and determination, improves results.

Can-do-attitude:  Def: Showing a willingness to take action and achieve results.
By embracing challenge, students cultivate a growth mind set and strive to reach their goals.

2023 A-Z Information Booklet