We aim to contribute to the holistic experience of our children through exposure to a broad base of cultural experiences. We recognise cultural achievements in our school assemblies, in our weekly newsletter, at termly award assemblies and annual prize giving/cultural awards evening. All phases of the school offer opportunities for children to perform in different genres, including specialised cultural assemblies, music performances and annual productions which are phase specific.

  • Music in the Hills
  • Community Showcase
  • Supper & Song (High School)
  • Sunset Proms (Senior Primary)
  • One-Act Plays (High School)

Cultural tours, camps and inter-school events take place annually in all phases of the school in areas such as:

  • Cape Town Cultural Tour (Grade 7)
  • Marimba Tours
  • Choir Camps
  • Rhythms of Africa (Senior Primary)

Pre-Primary (Grade 000 - 0)

Participation in cultural extra-murals in the Pre-Primary is voluntary. We also include cultural activities in our Academic programme which include small productions and a year-end concert.

Activities available

  • Ballet*
  • School of Music*
  • Junior Builder*

*All activities are run by private service providers and are billed separately, not by the school.

Junior Primary (Grade 1 - 3)

  • Ballet
  • Board Games
  • Choir
  • Craft
  • Dance Club
  • Robotics
  • School of Music*
  • Scripture Union
  • Junior Builder*

Activities marked by a * are run by private, outside Service Providers and are billed separately, not by the school.

Senior Primary (Grade 4 – 7)

It is our policy that every pupil who attends rehearsals and practices regularly will perform during the term or be given the opportunity to audition for cultural group performances. A register is kept to ensure that this policy is adhered to.  Attendance at cultural performances (both internally and externally) are encouraged. Non-attendance affects the quality of performances and we hope to maintain teamwork and accountability through our various channels of communication; should there be a reason for non-attendance. Pupils will be asked to discontinue participation in a cultural group should they miss three practices/rehearsals or performances.

Our Academic school programme includes timetabled lessons for art, technology, drama & music; including Music Technology.

  • Acapella
  • Art Club
  • Choir
  • Robotics
  • Marimba Bands (Junior & Senior)
  • Michelle Pope School of Dance*
  • J.A.M (Jesus And Me) [Junior & Senior Christian Groups]
  • Community Orchestra
  • School of Music*
  • Zenith Course* (Gr 7 Public Speaking)

Activities marked by an *, are run by private, outside staff. We also offer (at own expense) a TMC Family Camping weekend for interactive bonding

High School (Grade 8 - 12)

The focus of the High School is on developing balanced, well-rounded people who are able to participate fully in society and are culturally articulate. The philosophy underpinning all of our extramural activities is one of growing key dispositions to live a full and successful life. Dispositions such as resilience¸ truth, integrity, time management, empathy, love and respect are central to the opportunities described below. With our rich selection of Cultural and Service options available in our extramural programme, there is certainly something for everyone to be able to get involved in!

  • CAYC (Current Affairs Youth Council)
  • Art Club
  • Community Orchestra
  • Dale Carnegie*
  • United Nations Model Debate
  • Debating
  • Design & Technology Club
  • Durban Youth Council*
  • First Aid*
  • Environmental Leadership Course*
  • High School Plays
  • Marimba Bands
  • President’s Award
  • Public Speaking
  • Robotics Club
  • Rotary Leadership Course*
  • School of Music*
  • Singing Groups (Retrobeats & Vocal Tenacity)
  • S.T.I.C (Students Together In Christ)

Activities marked by an * are run by private, outside staff

School Of Music

The School of Music at Thomas More College offers tuition for beginners to advanced pupils, and is open to all pupils in the Highway community as well as adults. Exams in both Practical and Theory are offered through Trinity College of Music and Rock and Pop. Should you require more information or tuition in the future, please contact: The School of Music on 031 764 8640 between 7.30am – 3pm, Monday – Friday Email:

Instruments currently offered

World Challenge

Much more than a school trip! We share a belief that by empowering the students to lead their own expedition, they will go on to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure. From tough treks to new cultures, the day-to-day challenges of expedition life encourage students to develop life skills and build deeper confidence, resilience and empathy. With over thirty years’ experience taking away over 8,000 students every year, World Challenge leads the way in quality, safety, ethical community engagement and learning outcomes. Guided by an adult leadership team, they will step out of their comfort zones and take on roles and the leadership of their group, managing a budget, planning meals and choosing accommodation. A group of Thomas More College High School pupils embarked on their first World Challenge in 2017 to Nepal and Vietnam in 2019. We never imagined how these experiences would grow our children. An experience like never before!

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