Welcome to Thomas More College

We’re delighted you are interested in learning more about Thomas More College. We’re proud to present a school at which our Christian-based ethos and the importance of family values are paramount in preparing your child for the future, as tomorrow’s leaders today.

Thomas More College first opened its doors in 1962 and has grown from its modest 55 pupils, all boys, to being Kwazulu-Natal’s largest co-educational independent school. Situated on 20 hectares within the gorgeous Kloof Conservancy, the college calls the lovely suburb of Kloof home. While the college focuses on smaller, personal classes, it offers a sizeable campus catering to students right from Grade 0000 through to Grade 12. Learning follows three stages of development, from Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase to Senior Primary School, and finally, to High School. The Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase are where students begin to develop their identities and individuality. It forms the base on which all fundamental life skills develop. Students continue to develop and grow through Senior Primary and High School, and can confidently step out into the world and are equipped to achieve their goals by the time they leave us. Read more.



At Thomas More College, we believe the learning experience goes beyond the classroom, which is why we aim to enrich and inspire our pupils academically, culturally and out on the sports field. We have a staff of dedicated and experienced teachers committed to nurturing your child’s mental, emotional and physical growth, ensuring they develop the right tools to help them navigate through life successfully so they can indeed be tomorrow’s leaders.

What's On @ Thomas More College

There is always something exciting happening at Thomas More College. We hold a number of fundraisers and events throughout the year for pupils, past pupils and family and friends. Keep an eye on our calendars and social pages to see what’s going on.

Leave a Legacy

An initiative started by the Indoor Sports Centre Steering Committee, who proudly saw the iKhwezi Sports Centre from an inspired dream for future generations, through to its official opening on 15 April 2021.  The facility houses a full size indoor hockey field, netball court and cricket run ups with fully fitted kitchen and state of the art change rooms.   Should you wish to have your name/business name displayed on the donor board in the foyer of the iKhwezi Sports Centre, please contact Precious Ndwalane for more information events@thomasmore.co.za

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today