Thomas More College


Message from Headmaster

The Senior Primary School at Thomas More College provides a welcoming and nurturing environment for every child. From Pre-Primary through the Junior and Senior Primary Phases into High School, we aim to help the children reach their full potential. Our dedicated and experienced educators recognise the value and uniqueness of each child and treat them with respect while delivering a well-rounded education.

Guided by our Christian values, we instill a strong moral foundation. Combined with our excellent facilities, superb resources, and environmentally conscious campus, our school becomes an ideal setting for a child’s formative years, where they acquire essential life and interpersonal skills.

Our enrichment and support programs, along with the development of creative and critical thinking skills, prepare each student for the future. We strive to create a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment where children have fun and feel free to explore.

As you peruse this website, which provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our school life, we hope you will partner with us in your child’s education.

Gary Balarin

Senior Primary Headmaster


In Senior Primary school we build on the academic platform set in our Junior Primary. Pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem and competence are enhanced. The easy transition into High School is facilitated by our well-balanced curriculum and nurturing, professional staff who liaise frequently with their High School counterparts. 

An inspired education with the focus being given to complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and developing emotional intelligence.

Each grade practices differentiated learning while covering core competencies, that accommodate the child who requires support and extension. Specialised teaching in isiZulu, Afrikaans, Technology, Art, Music, and Drama.

While we do national benchmarking assessments, IEB Core Skills in Grade 6, and International Benchmarking Tests, examinations are only written in the Languages and Mathematics in Grade 7.

We offer a comprehensive Life Orientation Programme. This includes opportunities for leadership and mentorship through a variety of activities.

At TMC we shape Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. We teach a comprehensive LO programme that develops leadership skills. These skills empower our children to navigate challenges, inspire others, and contribute positively to their communities, fostering personal and societal growth. This fosters confidence, resilience, and effective communication, preparing them for future roles. It cultivates problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. 

Teaching permeated by Christian-based love, values and principles

We embrace the individuality of every child, fostering an environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. Our goal is to empower each child to experience acceptance and belonging.

We offer dynamic teaching programmes that include exciting events such as:


  • Entrepreneurial Week 
  • Science Evenings 
  • Parent-Pupil Interactive Lessons 
  • Round Square Tours


Thomas More College strives to encourage individuals to become actively involved in a wide variety of sports, providing them with the opportunity to participate at their personal level of ability.

We believe that a healthy balance between competitiveness, acknowledgement of responsibility and fun is being achieved. Every pupil is valued, both by their teammates and their coach, irrespective of their level of achievement. Our coaches and staff strive to bring the best out of each pupil at all levels of ability.

All pupils are given an opportunity to represent the school at matches. Team skills, collaboration and collegiality, as well as good sportsmanship, are fostered.

Sports Available

Cross Country
Indoor Hockey
Rock Climbing 
Water polo


Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Swimming

We provide an extensive range of traditional and modern sport opportunities to develop the physical prowess of our children. 




We aim to contribute to the holistic experience of our children through exposure to a broad base of cultural activities. We recognize cultural achievements in our school assemblies and annual prize-giving/cultural awards evening. Children in the Senior Primary perform in different genres which include public performances during assemblies, school events and annual productions.

Cultural Activities Available: 





Jesus and Me Bible Club (JAM)

School of Music

Your future is co-ed

The advantages of co-education lie in the fact that pupils are taught to naturally interact with each other from an early age. Children do better socially if they are educated in mixed groups. Regardless of who they are or what they wish to be, students build friendships and develop their intellect knowing they are valued. They leave Thomas More College with the skills and resources they need to succeed in the world, a world where co-ed is real life.