High School

High School Subject Information

  • In our Primary School, pupils are exposed to a wide area of inspiring subjects so that pupils can discover where their interests and abilities lie. Our Grade 8 and 9 programme is geared towards uncovering academic intellectual passions and interest areas so that our children can make quality, well-informed decisions for their subject choices at the end of Grade 9. From Grade 10 to Matric, each subject is studied in even greater depth, so it is necessary that a certain amount of specialisation takes place. The number of subjects taken is seven, which means that some choices must be made. Grade 10 pupils follow the National Curriculum, continuing in Grades 11 and 12, and culminating in the IEB (Independent Examination Board) exams at the end of Grade 12.

2021 Matric Results

2020 Matric Results

  • A major feature of the curriculum is that there is only one grade of study for all. Higher Grade and Standard Grade have been abolished. Another feature is that all pupils have to do Core Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and all do Life Orientation as a formal subject.
  • The NSC promotes the skills of reading, writing and mathematical literacy. It encourages critical thinking and the bringing together of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values in the learning and teaching process. It also aims at developing people who are ready to participate fully and meaningfully in society.

Subjects offered - Grades 8 & 9

Accounting (Grade 9)
Art (Grade 9)
Business Studies (Grade 8)
Computer Studies (Grade 9)
Design (Grade 9)
Design & Technology (Grade 8)
Drama (Grade 8)
EGD (Grade 9)
Life Orientation
Life Science
General Science
EQ (Grade 8)

Subjects offered - Grades 10, 11 & 12

Maths Core
Maths Literacy
AP Maths
Business Studies
Dramatic Arts
Engineering Graphics & Design (EGD)
Information Techonology (IT)
Life Orientation
Physical Science
Life Sciences
AP Science
Marine Science (Extra Subject - Evening lessons)
Visual Arts

Subject Choices

There is always a tendency among pupils to believe that certain subjects are ‘more fun’ and a ‘soft option’! Only later do they realise that both aptitude and hard work are required. We feel that while parents must not make their children’s choices for them, they must always act as balancing, and perhaps sobering, influence on them.

Our Grade 9 pupils will be required to choose no fewer than seven (7) subjects for Grade 10, and these are made up as follows:

Four Compulsory Subjects

  • Home Language (English)
  • First Additional Language (Zulu or Afrikaans)
  • Core Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • 3 Elective subjects from the list above

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