Thomas More College


Message from Headmistress

There are few things in life that are quite as exciting and daunting, all at the same time, as sending your child to school for the first time. However, once you experience the pure joy of new friendships formed and you display that first artwork on the fridge, you know that things are looking bright!

At Thomas More College Junior Primary, we understand that your child’s educational journey will be filled with many unique moments of anticipation, followed by great leaps of faith and finally a sense of achievement. Therefore, we are dedicated to guiding you through every milestone by providing a well-equipped learning environment where your child can feel safe to learn and explore. Our Creche and Pre-Primary School offer stimulating classrooms and playgrounds, permeated with an atmosphere of fun and friendship. Theme-based learning is used to facilitate guided play, concrete learning experiences and wholesome social development.

Having acquired all the skills necessary for formal education, our preschool children confidently transition into Grade 1, ready to tackle new learning challenges and develop their independence. Language and mathematical proficiency are attained through interactive engagement, practical application, and problem-solving. Learning support and enrichment are integral parts of our mainstream programme, and professional guidance is available through our Academic Enrichment Unit. Specialist language lessons, music, and digital learning opportunities stimulate neurodiversity and ignite creativity, not to mention the belly-aching laughter and happy memories created during these lessons to keep young minds inspired!

Cultural exposure and various sporting disciplines are integrated into our curriculum to discover and nurture natural talents and instil a can-do attitude in our children. We take immense pride in the sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed during sporting events and fixtures. Our Christian Ethos forms the foundation of all learning, and our weekly Assembly is a highlight of our programme. Imagine a hall filled with vibrant voices celebrating their uniqueness in Christ and giving shout-outs for each other’s weekly achievements.

The future is not a distant horizon but just a day away. Each day at TMC offers a new opportunity to embrace learning and cultivate curious minds capable of crafting a future filled with possibilities.

Anny Breedt

Junior Primary Headmistress

The Pre-Primary Phase

In the Pre-Primary phase our pupils are taught vital foundational skills through free and structured play, as well as through a formal school readiness programme. Learning is achieved through the emphasis on group work and self-discovery within a guided programme.

Creche - Grade 0

Our Pre-Primary (Grade 000-0) provides a stimulating environment with an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

A theme-based learning approach facilitates guided play, exploration and formal learning experiences that cultivate each child’s interests, enable school readiness and grow good self-esteem.

Our learning activities stimulate independence, problem solving and life skills that promote courtesy towards others.

Pre-Primary Activities

These activities are not only sources of knowledge but also stir conversation and a sense of wonder, not to mention belly-aching laughs and happy memories that are created to keep young minds inspired!


  • English Language development
  • Foundational Mathematics
  • Perceptual Development
  • Physical and Emotional Engagement
  • Class Music
  • Playball


  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Perceptual development
  • Physical and Emotional Engagement
  • Specialist music
  • PE (Including Swimming)
  • Bio Kids Kinetics
  • Christian Assembly and Hymn Singing


  • English Language
  • isiZulu
  • Mathematics
  • School Readiness and Phonics
  • Computers (including coding)
  • Physical and Emotional Engagement
  • Specialist Music
  • PE including Swimming
  • Bio-Kids Kinetics
  • Christian Assembly and Hymn Singing

Our Crèche

Our crèche (ages 1-3) follows a play-based learning approach that allows children to develop language, numeracy, and life skills at their own pace. Purposeful play-based learning is essential to the success of Early Childhood Development and creates deeper learning experiences that children will remember and internalise. The different levels of learning that play affords, along with the support and care of our dedicated teachers, set our children up to confidently reach the educational milestones required for Pre-Primary school.

Sports & Cultural Offerings

Pre-Primary (Grade 00 - 0)

We aim to contribute to the holistic experience of our children through exposure to a broad range of sporting and Cultural experiences. Participation in Sports and cultural extra-curricular activities in the Pre-Primary phase is entirely voluntary. We also include cultural activities in our academic programme that includes music, drama, poems and productions. 


Activities Available:

Hi Hop
Garvz Academy


Swim School
Track and Trail

All activities are run by private service providers and are billed separately, not by the school.

The Junior Primary Phase

The solid foundations established in Pre-Primary create a wonderful springboard to enhance further learning in our Junior Primary phase. Children are taught to develop a sound work ethic by stimulating their desire for knowledge and understanding.

Sports Offerings

Grade 1 - 3

We encourage our Junior Primary pupils to involve themselves in sports activities and recognise sporting achievements in our school assemblies and newsletter.
It is our policy that each pupil who attends practices regularly will play matches during the term. A register is kept by each coach to ensure this and a “no practice no play” policy is adhered to (even for top athletes). When a pupil has chosen to take part in a sport, they are encouraged to see that season through, unless a reasonable medical reason is given. Matches for all teams are scheduled prior to the start of the season, and if some students drop out during the season, the rest of the team may be left without teammates.

Sports Available:

Cross Country
Garvz Academy*
Hardball Cricket (Gr. 3 only)


Swim School*
Track and Trail*

Activities marked with an asterisk (*) are run by private, outside service providers and are billed separately, not by the school.


Junior primary (Grade 1 - 3)

We aim to contribute to the holistic experience of our children through exposure to a broad base of cultural activities. We recognise cultural achievements in our school assemblies, in our weekly newsletter, at termly award assemblies and annual prize-giving/cultural awards evening. All phases of the school offer opportunities for children to perform in different genres, including specialised cultural assemblies, music performances and annual productions.

Activities Available:

Pathfinders Bible Club

Activities marked by an Asterisk (*) are run by private, outside service providers and are billed separately, not by the school.

Your future is co-ed

The advantages of co-education lie in the fact that pupils are taught to naturally interact with each other from an early age. Children do better socially if they are educated in mixed groups. Regardless of who they are or what they wish to be, students build friendships and develop their intellect knowing they are valued. They leave Thomas More College with the skills and resources they need to succeed in the world, a world where co-ed is real life.