Thomas More College

The Long Walk

The 80 km Long Walk, coordinated by the Past Pupils’ Association and drawing extensively on the skills and resources of the Parents’ Council, is one of the older traditions of the school and usually takes place in March. 

The Long Walk has taken place every year since 1963. There are shorter walks for the younger children but the ultimate aim, especially for our High School pupils, is to complete five 80km walks in their school career. 

It is a day on which everyone in the schools is afforded an opportunity to participate in this proud tradition. For each and every child, the walk is an opportunity to develop perseverance, grit and to stretch each child to rise to life’s challenges. The walk is a non-profit making event but rather a spirit building initiative.

The following useful documents will be uploaded closer to the time:

  • The history of the event
  • Event in brief
  • Railway safety
  • Nutrition guide
  • Training schedule
  • Walker safety
  • Why we need volunteers
  • Registration details
  • The Long Walk route
  • Navigation guide (25km)
  • Navigation guide (55/80km)
  • Parking and transportation

Volunteer Signups:

  • Stop helpers
  • Medical personnel and parent helpers
  • Sector 1 marshals (School to Gillitts)
  • Sector 2 marshals (Gillitts to Westriding)
  • Sector 3 marshals (Westriding back to school)
  • Sector 4 marshals (Inside school 5km loop)

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