Messages from the Heads

Junior Primary Headmistress - Anny Breedt

Our Junior Primary is a vibrant, happy place where educators care to instil a love for learning. A happy child is one that can engage in tasks, building a solid foundation for a culture of future learning and social responsibility.

In keeping with our Ethos, boys and girls learn about the Fruits of the Spirit from an early age, using them as their signposts to life and thereby growing the ability to think for themselves and to make good choices. Great importance is placed on our school ethos in moulding future leaders. This is instilled and upheld from a young age with the importance of values, respect and empathy being key.

It is our firm belief and experience that all children are unique and all children learn differently. We pride ourselves in celebrating and developing each child’s individuality and their special qualities, whilst providing for balanced, holistic opportunities to help children achieve personal success and excellence. We are committed to creating a happy, nurturing setting where children feel safe and meaningful learning is enabled. A dynamic curriculum along with innovative teaching that is facilitated through integrated, socially collaborative learning using all the senses, makes for a varied and interesting environment.

A creative, critical thinking and problem-solving mindset is fostered by practical activities, using interactive and resourceful teaching methods, along with technology. Importance is placed on initiative and creativity in this fun-filled environment. Our educators and assistants are exceptionally committed and strive to love and develop children as individuals whilst nurturing their holistic development. Children are encouraged to give of their best whether in the classroom or on the sports field in a rich and varied curriculum.

Thomas More Junior Primary is steadfast in allowing children to be children whilst learning and growing their own uniqueness.

Anny Breedt
Junior Primary Headmistress

Senior Primary Headmaster - Gary Balarin

The Primary School of Thomas More College is a warm, embracing and nurturing environment, where each and every child is afforded the opportunity to develop to his/her full potential as he/she progresses from Pre-Primary through the Junior and Senior Primary Phases to the College. Our caring and experienced educators acknowledge that each child is special and unique and treat each and every child respectfully whilst providing a balanced holistic education.

Our Christian ethos creates a sound value-base and this, plus our superb facilities, excellent resources and environmentally friendly campus, makes our school the ideal place for a child to develop during formative years, acquiring relevant life- and inter-personal skills.

Our enrichment and support programmes and the acquisition of creative and critical higher-order 21st-century thinking skills also equip each pupil for the future. We offer that value-add, where children have fun and are happy and free to learn, making school dynamic and enjoyable. As you peruse this website, which offers only a taste of the rich tapestry of our school life, we hope you will entrust us with your precious child as partners in his/her education.

Gary Balarin
Senior Primary Headmaster

High School Headmaster - Matthew Davies

Welcome to Thomas More College, where each individual matters individually. Our vision is to deliver an inspired education, an education which encourages our young people to thrive. We believe that young people thrive most when they explore their passions and strengths with passion and purpose in a dynamic, challenging and safe space in which they truly belong. Whilst our academic results are excellent, and our sports and cultural programmes are comprehensive, varied and competitive, relationships are at the very core of our success. Our young people are mentored, nurtured and loved into being by a highly qualified, engaged and impassioned staff complement. Our educators are thought and practice leaders, committed to exploring innovative ways of educating our young people to be active, thoughtful and empathic citizens in their world.

Our educators acknowledge readily that intelligence is unique and varied.  Our children are excited to participate actively in their own academic progress, whilst also benefiting from our innovative assessment programme.

In a morally ambiguous and volatile world which is desperate for inspired leadership, our education journey at Thomas More College is values-driven. Servant leadership, empathy, integrity, valuing diversity, protecting one’s own and others’ independence and freedom, and exercising gratitude are inherently good values and dispositions. These, along with the message of love as espoused by Jesus Christ, inform our daily decisions and interactions.

We do not know definitively what the future holds for our children. We do, however, know that they will be lifelong learners, continually learning, unlearning and relearning. This uncertainty will not daunt our children if they are armed with creativity, the capacity to collaborate, varied communication skills, curiosity, critical awareness and composure. And so, irrespective of the many challenges our world is facing, we are confident that Thomas More College is a part of the solution as we continue to grow and inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

Matthew Davies
High School Headmaster



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