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 19 October 2015
Newsletter 34

Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.


    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - offers some guiding words for our Matrics.

  • Allan Chandler - thanks the Matrics.

  • Barbara Taljard - shares a few reminders for this week.


Stock Shop

The diary is now open for appointments for new school uniforms. If it is just a few items it is not necessary to make an appointment, but for pupils going into Grade 1 or High School please call as soon as possible .

We will be open up until Friday 11th December. We will be closed from the 12th Dec and will re-open on Thursday 14th January 2016 until tues 19th Jan from 9am – 2pm. This is a very busy time and difficult for us to do full uniform fittings as it is on a first- come-first-served basis. Please call us during trading times on 031 7648640, or email us at stockshop@thomasmore.co.za


EMBOCRAFT TRAINING CENTRE TRUST use the gorgeous Sunflower Fund bandanas in their sewing training courses. One of the items trainees learn is a child’s dress which looks so beautiful in these colourful fabrics. They take home all the items they learn to make, patterns and a machine so they can continue sewing and generate an income. PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR OLD BANDANAS and return them to school where we will collect them. You can drop them off at the Great House Reception.


Coffee Shoppe Special

Order a full slice of decadent double chocolate cake in the month of October and receive a free cappuccino.



Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

spring showcase


Hay Hoe BP Service Station

Hay Hoe BP Service station situated at 6 Underwood Road Pinetown is supporting our fundraising efforts for the 2016 overseas tour. Each parent should have received their card in the last week of last term. Your card number will be recorded everytime you fill up. In addition TMC parents who use this petrol station will be entered into a monthly draw for a food/goodie hamper to the value of R250-00 and 2 free car washes.  

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Week Ahead  Quick Links
Monday 19 October Matrics start writing Final exams
  Long Walk Committee meeting
Tuesday 20 October SP Sports photographs
  SP Cultural Evening
Wednesday 21 October Grade 10 Mangrove Swamp excursion
  SP Cricket vs Umhlanga College - Home & Away
Thursday 22 October SP Public Speaking Competition - Peter Habberton Hall
  Parents' Council Meeting
Friday 23 October SP Management Planning
Saturday 24 October SP Cricket vs Umhlanga College - Home & Away


Scripture for the week


“The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want…” Psalm23:1

Last week we had Gideon’s International come and visit us and distribute Bibles to the Grade 8 and 9 (they visit us every third year). In their talk to the high school about Gideon’s they asked which Psalm did they think was the most popular and famous and no one answered (if you don’t know it’s Psalm 23). I asked some of the Grade 9 afterwards did they not know but as soon as I said “The Lord’s My Shepherd” the kids knew immediately but did not know the number of the Psalm. So guess who is going to get a good dose Psalm 23 in the coming weeks!!!

What I find so comforting is that if ‘the Lord Is My Shepherd. I shall not want ‘for He is our sustainer and provider of all ones needs. What more can a person ask for: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19. Jesus Himself tells us in Luke 12:22-26 “That's why I'm telling you to stop worrying about your life-what you will eat-or about your body-what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Consider the crows. They don't plant or harvest, they don't even have a storeroom or barn, yet God feeds them. How much more valuable are you than birds! Can any of you add an hour to your span of life by worrying? So if you can't do a small thing like that, why worry about other things?”

Shalom (peace)

God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

Last week we said goodbye to the 2015 Matrics and their examinations now lie ahead. Clearly marks are now the major focus. It is however an interesting time to reflect on what the journey has been all about. Clearly there have been many challenges for them along the way. If it were possible, would it have been best if we, the staff and parents could have taken the challenges away? I think not! Growing up is a journey! It is about developing wisdom! It is about developing self awareness, character and resilience. SA is extremely focused on marks, certificates and badges.

Examinations are very important for quality control. To set standards. But they can encourage the taking of short cuts. Children need to learn skills and their education must be structured to put obstacles in their path. A curriculum should be designed to provide problems.

Children who find things easy don't necessarily learn to overcome problems, so when problems come, they avoid them. Smartness may see you very well through Primary School, but when problems come in the High School they must be properly prepared.  At a recent Heads Conference I attended a talk given by a fellow ISASA school Principal. He said "Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but the growth comes while you are climbing it."

Hopefully we have challenged our pupils at Thomas More College. This is a small High School and in the area of competition we often find ourselves up against bigger and stronger teams. We expect much of our pupils in terms of participation and with our small numbers everyone must pull their weight.

As the Matrics have come to the end of their journey through Thomas More College we trust that they have grown in their path to wisdom. This is now the time to consolidate. To put in the hard work and to apply the determination and persistence skills. This is the time for the Matrics to put their heads down and to tackle the final hurdle with determination.  


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

The Matric Prize Giving evening, as well as the farewell breakfast and assembly, were very special events last week and brought a tear to many an eye. We are blessed at Thomas More to have Grade 12s who enjoy their last few days, but who always leave with dignity.

Of course Thursday evening was a distinctive and extra special time for me as I said goodbye to my last bunch of school leavers. I was spoiled rotten and feted at every turn. I was on an emotional rollercoaster for days, and have still not quite come down to earth yet. Thank you to everybody for the kind words and deeds. 


Allan Chandler
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

While we have had a hectic start to the term, I personally am feeling buoyed up and exhilarated by events, and results which have all been so positive this past week. We had a delightful SPCA assembly which the children loved and to which they related very positively, thanks to Mrs Grant and the outreach team for setting this up.

The Grade 3s had a wonderful sleepover on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed themselves- thanks to the teachers for making it so much fun and to the parents for your support- good preparation for their Grade 4 year when they sleep away for two nights.

The Matric Prizegiving was most rewarding to attend and it was superb to see that the bulk of the achievers came through our Primary School and, in fact, were well remembered from their Grade 7 year with us. We are very proud of them all and wish them every success in their exams which commence this week, where we trust they will do themselves, and us, proud. The Matric tunnel which is formed with the Primary School is also one of those heartwarming moments that stay etched in our memories! How fantastically special it is to be a part of one whole school and to follow the progress of the youngsters who stay in our hearts forever.

Please remember the Cultural Showcase tomorrow evening at 18:00 in the Hall, with those participating needing to be here at 17:30. It should be over by 19:30 at the latest. Our choirs, marimba teams, and a number of Grade 7 pupils are involved in addition to various individual items. We would also like to pay tribute to a special lady, Mrs Röttcher who retires at year end and to thank her for her sterling contribution to Afrikaans and sport at TMC. We would value parental and pupil support.

Our Public speaking finalists in each grade from 4 to 7 speak at our competition on Thursday morning from 07:30 to 10:00. This is always most inspiring and rewarding to see the progress made and how confident our pupils are to speak in public. Thank you to the teachers and to Mrs Purdon, Mr Balarin and Mrs Ramasamy for organizing.

Our Grade 6 and 7 pupils will also be attending the High School Culture Shock performance after break next Friday- in the hall. This is a good opportunity for them to see the standards the High School children have been able to attain and will hopefully inspire them.

Lastly- please to remember the sports clothing for the SP sports photographs in the Hall tomorrow morning. 

Wishing you all the best for another busy week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  - Sponsored by Debonairs & Steers – Kloof


Will resume next week.


International Maths Competition

Well done to Faran Steenkamp, Brendon O'Loughlin and Saien Moodley who competed in the International Maths competition in China.  All 3 were awarded punctuality awards, Brendan and Saien received participation awards, whilst Faran was awarded a Merit Certificate and Medal (this was a first for a South African competitor).  Well done to all three boys.


Cultural Achievements

Modern Dancing

Congratulations to Tamryn Harland who participated in the annual Modern dance show with Dance Academy last weekend. She was awarded the annual Junior Dedication Award. Well done Tamryn.


Irish Dancing

Congratulations to Stephanie de Moor who competed at the South African Irish Dance Championships in JHB during the recent school holidays.  She was awarded 7th place for her light jig, 4th place for her PC and 3rd for her U10 4-hand group dance (bronze medal).  Well done Stephanie.


Sporting Achievements

HS Girls' Top 10 Water Polo Tournament

1st TMC – 2nd Overall

1st TMC 5 1st DGHS 1

1st TMC 8 1st Westville 2

1st TMC 4 1st St. Mary’s 2

1st TMC 5 1st St. Henry’s 1

1st TMC 5 1st Kingsway 2 (Semi’s)

1st TMC 1 1st DGC 9 (Final)

TMC U16A – 4th Overall

TMC U16A 5 Kingsway U16A 0

TMC U16A 3 Danville U16A 2

TMC U16A 14 Kloof U16A 0

TMC U16A 0 DGC U16A 12

TMC U16A 1 DGHS U16A 8 (Semi’s)

TMC U16A 1 Danville U16A 2 (3rd & 4th playoff)

TMC U14A – 5th Overall

TMC U14A 1 Maris Stella U14A 7

TMC U14A 2 Danville U14A 6

TMC U14A 15 Westville U14A 0

TMC U14A 1 St. Mary’s U14A 5

TMC U14A 0 DGC U14A 7

TMC U14A 5 DGHS U14A 2 (5th & 6th playoff)


HS Boys' Top 10 Water Polo Tournament

1st TMC – 10th Overall

TMC U15A – 9th Overall

TMC U14A – 10th Overall


HS Girls' Water Polo at St. Mary’s

1st TMC 8 1st St. Mary’s 7

TMC U16A 6 St. Mary’s U16A 1

TMC U14A 5 St. Mary’s U14A 3


HS Boys' Water Polo at TMC

1st TMC 4 2nd Clifton 6

2nd TMC 2 3rd Clifton 6

TMC U14 1 Clifton U14 6


HS Boys' Cricket

1st TMC 202/8, 2nd Michaelhouse 130 all out

TMC won by 72 runs

TMC U15A 60 all out (Lütz 31*), Michaelhouse 61/5

MHS won by 5 wickets

TMC U14A 81 all out, Michaelhouse 82/3

MHS won by 7 wickets 


KZN Girls' Cricket

Congratulations to Caitlin Downes who has been selected for the U19 KZN Girls’ Cricket Squad and Lola Lee who has been selected for the U13 Girls' Cricket Squad.  Both girls will be competeing in the IPT in Pretoria in the December holidays.  Well done girls.


KZN Girls' Softball

Congratulations to Carmen Vicent who has been selected for the KZN U15A Girls’ Softball team amd Kayleigh du Toit who has been selected for the KZN U15B Girls’ Softball Squad.


Road cycling

Well done to all the TMC children, parents & teachers who took part in the Amashova Cycle classic this past weekend. Competing in either the 35km, 65km or the 105 km is a great achievement.  Congratulations to Cian Leveridge who won the U16 category in the 105km Classic. 


Track Cycling

Congratulations to Courtney Smith and Devon Smith who recently competed in the KZN Schools Track Series, where they achieved great results and placed TMC as the top school in the event.


Mountain Biking

Congratulations to Cian Leveridge and Tiffany Keep who were chosen for the KZN High Schools team who competed at the Spur High Schools Final held at Bekkers Skool in Magaliesberg. This is a big event with 7 different regions represented, including teams from Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.



Equitation Team (A):

Ashley Kenton won the PR Novice class for Equitation.

Kyra Blakeway won the Junior Intermediate class for Equitation.

Tatum Olivier won the Junior Open class for Equitation.

Rachel Kerdachi was the reserve for the Equitation A team.

The above team won the overall schools Equitation.

Equitation Team (B):

Tyler Jelf won PR Intermediate class for Equitation.

Paige Haarhoff won the Welcome Stakes class for Equitation.

Katie Legg came third in her Equitation class.

Savanna Daubinet was the reserve for the Equitation B team.

The above team came third overall for Equitation.

The Thomas More dressage team came third overall. Cayla van Der Walt won her class and Kyra Blakeway came third in her class.

The Thomas More Jumping A team came 2nd overall. The team consisted of:

Tatum Olivier

Rachel kerdachi

Paige Haarhoff

Kyra blakeway

Individual Results:

Katie Legg placed 5th for Speed and precision.

Congratulations to Thomas Gouirley who came 1st in the ESP championship on 26 September, he also took part in the SANESA Nationals competition in Pretoria during the school holidays and placed 6th in the accumulator competition our of 43 competitors. 

Well done to all who took part.


KZN Water polo

Congratulations to Dale Harper and Mini Dlamini who have both been selected for the KZN U13 Water polo team.  They will participate in the IPT in Cape Town during the December holidays.  Well done girls. 


Google Calendars for parents

All of these calendars start out with basic information and then details are added as we find them out. E.g. at the start of a term, a subject test will be booked for a later date. As the time draws closer, the teacher is able to determine more fully what syllabus the class has managed to cover thus far, and will fill in details of what will be in the test at that stage.

It is important to note that this information is “live” and needs to be checked regularly. We have links to the different calendars available inside our website, found under the different Phase sections. We also have links to the same calendars inside the Parent Portal. The calendars that apply can be found under each of your child’s subheadings.


The Horse’s Mouth Newsletter has all calendar links available to be able to easily find whichever calendars you need to.


How to use the Google Calendar:

After you have clicked on the relevant calendar link, it will show you the default monthly view of the calendar:


There are navigation buttons at the top left to change dates easily to look back or to future events:


You are able to change the view of the calendar using the buttons at the top right to show only a week at a time, the default monthly view, or if you click on “Agenda” then you will see a list of events scheduled:


Please note – it is not a good idea to print the calendar out, as the information might get updated and you will not realize this if you are referring to a print out of a calendar at a certain point in time.

To see more details about a heading in the calendar, you need to click on that heading – it will pop-up a small window giving you what details have been filled in already. This is where we have information such as which teams are playing and times, and also what material will be covered in a test/examination:

It is important to note here that it is also not a good idea to click on the bottom option “Copy to my calendar” here, for the same reason as printing, you will not receive updated information if anything changes in the live calendar.