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 14 September 2015
Newsletter 30

Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.



    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - shares some humerous analogies with our Matric pupils and parents.

  • Allan Chandler - wishes the cast, production crew & backstage staff all the best for the High School Play "Lighter Shade of Noir"

  • Barbara Taljard - congratulates the team who put together a fabulous Egyptian evening, and shares some suggestions on how to assist your child with problems they may face.


Bandanas on Sale - we are selling bandanas on behalf of the Sunflower Fund - R25.

HS - Ms Mkize

SP - Mrs Hooper

FP - Mrs Brophy

The pupils will be allowed to wear their bandana on break up day with their school uniform.


Parents' Council Night Racing - Friday 20 November 2015

Please contact Rae Griesel to book your seat/table - limited availability, first-come-first-served.  Sponsored races - there are 4 left - please contact Rae soonest.


Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

Winners of the August Hamper from Hay Hoe Service station – Lucy Smith (pictured below)

Winners of the car washes – Claire de Klerk and Anne-Marie van der Merwe

Hay Hoe

Fundraising Initiative

Hay Hoe BP Service station situated at 6 Underwood Road Pinetown is making a donation to TMC for every litre of petrol sold to a TMC parent. Each parent should a received their card in the last week of last term. Your card number will be recorded with the number of litres purchased by the card holder. In addition TMC parents who use this petrol station will be entered into a monthly draw for a food/goodie hamper to the value of R250-00 and 2 free car washes. Simply by filling up at Hay Hoe Service Station you are supporting the fundraising initiative for our 2016 Overseas Tours. Thereafter, the funds raised by the Hay Hoe Service Station initiative will go towards Parents' Council Fundraising.

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Week Ahead  Quick Links
Monday 14 September SP Girls' Hockey vs Crawford NC - Away
  HS Play - Lighter Shade of Noir - Opening
Tuesday 15 September HS Play - Lighter Shade of Noir
Wednesday 16 September Grade 7 Science Expo - Ken Mackenzie Centre
  SP Hockey vs Highbury - Home/Away
  HS Play - Lighter Shade of Noir
Thursday 17 September Grade 7 Science Expo - Ken Mackenzie Centre
  Grade 2 Botanic Gardens Outing
  Grade 2 Boys' & Girls' Hockey Tournament - Home
  SP Snr Girls' Soccer vs Winston Park - Away
  SP Boys' Soccer vs Hillcrest - Home
Friday 18 September Grade 7 Science Expo - Ken Mackenzie Centre
  Grade 1 Boys' & Girls' Hockey Tournament - Home
  Grade 3 Boys' & Girls' Night Soccer - Forest View
Saturday 19 September SP Boys' Soccer vs Winston Park - Home
  SP Girls' Hockey vs Umhlanga College - Home


Scripture for the week


Remove the dross from the silver and out comes material for the silversmith. Proverbs 25:4

Often in life we go through difficulties either through our own fault or circumstances which are beyond our control. It is only when we look back do we realise how we have grown through these experiences. We often become more humble, less proud; open to listen - we become better people. Even more so our relationship with God often deepens, He can now work with us. We see this in the story that Jesus tells in Luke 15 of the ‘Prodigal Son’, where the son, who realises his folly and as the scripture states “he came to his senses” Luke 15:17. Whatever, the circumstance you may be facing at this time of your life trust inour Father in heaven who cares for us just like the father in the story of the ‘’Prodigal Son’. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:18: “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus”. God will be with us through these ‘fiery’ times all we have do is ask for His help.

Shalom (peace)

God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

It is only mid September, yet the year seems to be rushing to an end. The Matrics finished their trial exams last week and it is really scary to think that they only have about 15 normal school days left before the finals. It seems appropriate that just this weekend, my wife came across this extract on the website www.tickld.com of analogies made by High School pupils in English exams. There were 21 in total, but here are a few tasters:


1. When she tried to sing, it sounded like a walrus giving birth to farm equipment.

2. She was like a magnet: Attractive from the back, repulsive from the front.

3. The ballerina rose gracefully, en pointe, and extended one slender leg behind her, like a dog at a fire hydrant.

4. The lamp just sat there, like an inanimate object.

5. Her eyes were like the stars, not because they twinkle, but because they were so far apart.

6. His career was blowing up like a man with a broken metal detector walking through an active minefield.

7. It was as easy as taking candy from a diabetic man who no longer wishes to eat candy.

8. Their love burned with the fiery intensity of a urinary tract infection.

9. If it was any colder, it would be like being in a place that's a little colder than it is here.

10. The bird flew gracefully into the air like a man stepping on a landmine in zero gravity.

11. He felt confused: as confused as a homeless man on house arrest. 

Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

I wish the production team, cast and backstage crew all the best for the annual school play from Monday to Wednesday and encourage as many parents and pupils as possible to support and attend.


Thought for the week:

Do more than belong: participate

Do more than care: help

Do more than believe: practise

Do more than be fair: be kind

Do more than forgive: forget

Do more than dream: work



Allan Chandler
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Very well done to our Grade 5 teachers and parents on a superb Egyptian evening for our Grade 5 pupils last Monday night. The MacKenzie Centre was transformed into a magical Egyptian palace and the banquet began with a fire-poi demonstration, juggling and a stilt walker, all of which were much enjoyed by the children. Further entertainment was an aerobics dance involving our pupils and some Egyptian dancing provided by a parent and her friend. The snake man was another great success. The children had a great time and have created very special memories!

As is sometimes the case at this time in the term, we get some children testing authority and pushing boundaries. This can be challenging for parents to handle and may lead to parents following the ‘path of least resistance’ as it is easier than trying to be firm and push through for a better outcome. Zig Ziglar sums it up well: “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, and you do not change your decision to get there.” Here at Thomas More, we so often quote the old North American saying, ”Do not prepare the path for your child; rather prepare your child for the path.” Parents may attempt to either cover up for their children, deny the problem or blame others instead of encouraging their own child to take responsibility and to learn from the mistake. When we exercise discipline, and accept accountability for what we do, we grow and become emotionally stronger, which enables us to cope with future problems. When difficulties are faced and managed, the child grows and learns from the experience. If we try to bail them out continually, they will struggle to learn to face their difficulties.

The following guidelines are suggested when your child brings a problem home:

· Listen to your child when he/she discusses a problem and try to guide him/her to solve it rather than you finding the solution for your child.

· Never lose sight of the fact that there may be more than one perspective and that what you are being presented with by your child may not be the whole picture.

· Support the school (within reason). If you revert from this in front of your child, it can break down your child’s trust in his/her teacher and the school and the one who loses ultimately is your child.

· Encourage your child to take the required measures him-or herself. This could be going to a teacher to explain, talking to another child, apologizing etc.

May we continue to work closely together as partners in the education of those precious charges entrusted to us! With good discipline and a measure of fun and firmness, together we can provide a fertile ground for developing character and enabling learning.

This coming Friday, 18 September, all of our Primary School pupils may wear bok supporter civvies to school, to show support and allegiance for our Springboks taking part in the World Rugby cup, kicking off playing against Japan. Should a child not have “bok supporter” clothing, they may wear green and/or gold clothes, or may still come to school in uniform.

All the very best to you all for another busy week and to our Grade 7s for their Science Expo, which starts this Wednesday. We also wish our Grade 4s and 5s all the best as they get ready for their grade trips next week, leaving on Monday and our Grade 7 Zulu teachers and children well for their trip away on 22 and 23 September.

I will be away from this Wednesday to Sunday at the ISASA Heads’ conference. Should anything urgent crop up please contact my deputy, Graham Hooper. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  - Sponsored by Debonairs & Steers – Kloof




Casey Venton - for working diligently at all tasks and for always being so helpful.


Riordan Govender - for always giving of his best in the classroom and for being a true gentleman.


Ethan Harper - for trying hard to partcipate in class and for his kind, gentle nature.  Well done.


Anna Springett - for her well-presented oral.  Your confidence in the facts and smile when speaking made me very proud.


Ella Krautz - for improved mathematics and the determined way she tackles all tasks she encounters.


James Evans - for always displaying good work ethic and for trying to write neatly this term.


Drew Leighton - for her positive and hard-working attitude towards her work.


Nicole Williams - for her kind and caring nature and proudly presented work every day.


Jessica Kelly - for working consistently hard and achieving well.
4dP Jarred Christie - for being so helpful in class and for his good work in Maths.
4M Kgaogelo Mashiloane - for his enthusiastic approach to his school day and positive attitude on the sports field.
4F Jonathan Daniel - for his neat appearance, helpfulness and charming manner.
5vL Nathan McDaniel - for making pleasing progress and his improved work ethic.
5P Tyrelle Reddy - for lovely manners and adopting a more mature approach to his school work.
5L James Daniel - for his positive and mature approach to his school work.
6B Dani Rockey - for her kind and caring nature and always giving of her best on the sports field.
6M Alisha Govender - for her polite manner and trying so hard in Maths.
6H Jared McArthur - for his enthusiastic approach to his school day.
7M Dylan Launspach - for his committed helpful approach, going above and beyond expectations.
7C Anele Mdladla - for her positive attitude, good manners and caring nature.
7S Alyx Wissing - for her kind nature and for working diligently in class.



Cultural Achievements


Luke Leppan has passed his ABRSM piano exam with Merit. Well done Luke.


Sporting Achievements

Athletic Ward Trials

Congratulations to Nathan Riddle on his recent achievements at the Athletics Ward Trials. Nathan placed 2nd in the 1200m and3rd in his heat for 80m & 100m. Well done Nathan.



Congratulations to Holly Ahlschlager on receiving a bronze medal in the Highway Judo Club Competition held on Satruday 5 September.  Well done Holly.


SP Toppies 'n Tots Golf Day Toppies 'n Tots

Winners : Sue and Lola Lee (pictured right)

Hacker Award : Jonathan Burns

Freshee Award : John Bratos

Closest Lad to the pin : Saien Moodley

Closest Dad to pin : Rogan Lang

Longest Drive dad : Jason McGarry

Longest drive mum : Sally Chance

Longest drive lad : Matthew McMurray

A very bigthank you to Camelot Golf Club for hosting us!!


Action Netball

Congratulations to Ashley Harper who has been selected for the KZN U17 Action Netball Squad for 2016.


SP Boys' Soccer vs Northdene Preparatory

U10A 4 - 2 won

U10B 0 - 3 lost

U11A 0 - 3 lost

U11B 2 - 0 won

5th 0 - 2 lost

4th 1 - 0 won

3rd 6 - 0 won

2nd 2 - 1 won

1st 1 - 2 lost 


HS Girls' Water Polo at TMC

1st TMC 13 1st Westville 4

TMC U16A 5 Westville U16A 8

TMC U14A 21 Westville U14A 0


HS Girls' Softball at Queensmead

1st TMC 13 1st Inanda 10

1st TMC 2 1st Hillcrest 7


HS Boys' Indoor Hockey

1st TMC 6 1st Glenwood 4

1st TMC 4 1st Northwood 6

2nd TMC 2 1st Hillcrest 4

TMC U16A 7 DHS U16A 1

TMC U14A 3 Glenwood U14A 4



Congratulations to Jemma Daniel who recently won the Junior Prelim Championship class, the Junior Prelim Kur class, as well as Junior Prelim Victor Ludorum at KZN Dressage Championships.


Congratulations to Tyler Jelf who was selected to ride for the SANESA eventing team High School 70cm at Nationals at Misty Meadows in Pretoria in October 2015. Well done Tyler.


Congratulations to Alexander Ric-Hansen for competing in the KZN Derby Horse show were she came 2nd in the 80cm Championship class.  This is an awesome achievement for her as she is so young and competing against High School girls.  Well done Alexander.



Benji Daniel (grade 9) has recently returned from competing at the RS Tera sailing World Championships 2015 in the Netherlands where he came 9th. He then went on to compete at the 2015 UK 29er Nationals/EuroCup followed by the 2015 29er World Championships in Wales where he placed fourth in the silver fleet. Benji just been awarded 2015 Youth Sailor of the Year by Point Yacht Club - pictured right - congratulations.



Grade 1 Hockey tournament


TMC 1 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest lost 0-1

TMC 1 vs Curro HCA drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Hillcrest drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Hillcrest drew 1-1

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Winston Park won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest drew 0-0

TMC 4 vs Hillcrest lost 0-1

TMC 4 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 4 vs Northdene drew 0-0


TMC 1 vs Hillcrest drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Curro HCA won 1-0

TMC 1 vs Northdene drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Hillcrest won 1-0

TMC 2 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA won 3-0

TMC 3 vs Northdene won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA won 1-0


Grade 2 Hockey tournament


TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 2-0

TMC 1 vs Winston Park won 5-3

TMC 2 vs Winston Park lost 1-3

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA lost 3-1

TMC 3 vs Highbury lost 1-2

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest won 2-0


TMC 1 vs Kloof won 2-0

TMC 1 vs Curro HCA won 2-0

TMC 1 vs St. Mary’s drew 2-2

TMC 2 vs St. Mary’s drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Forest View won 4-1

TMC 2 vs Winston Park won 2-0

TMC 3 vs Winston Park drew 1-1

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA won 5-1

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest drew 1-1


Grade 3 Hockey tournament


TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 2-1

TMC 1 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Northdene drew 3-3

TMC 3 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest won 2-0


TMC 1 vs Winston Park won 1-0

TMC 1 vs ST. Mary’s lost 0-3

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Winston Park won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Northdene lost 0-1

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest lost 0-1


Grade 3 boys' hockey vs Highbury

TMC 1 beat 3-1

TMC 2 drew 0-0

TMC 3 drew 1-1

TMC 4 won 4-3


Daily News Sports Hero

Congratulations to Casey Houston(Grade 11) who was chosen as The "School Sports Hero" in The Daily News on Wednesday last week. Well done Casey.


SP Girls' Soccer

U12A vs Northdene won 6 - 0

1st team vs Northdene won 5-0  


Google Calendars for parents

All of these calendars start out with basic information and then details are added as we find them out. E.g. at the start of a term, a subject test will be booked for a later date. As the time draws closer, the teacher is able to determine more fully what syllabus the class has managed to cover thus far, and will fill in details of what will be in the test at that stage.

It is important to note that this information is “live” and needs to be checked regularly. We have links to the different calendars available inside our website, found under the different Phase sections. We also have links to the same calendars inside the Parent Portal. The calendars that apply can be found under each of your child’s subheadings.


The Horse’s Mouth Newsletter has all calendar links available to be able to easily find whichever calendars you need to.


How to use the Google Calendar:

After you have clicked on the relevant calendar link, it will show you the default monthly view of the calendar:


There are navigation buttons at the top left to change dates easily to look back or to future events:


You are able to change the view of the calendar using the buttons at the top right to show only a week at a time, the default monthly view, or if you click on “Agenda” then you will see a list of events scheduled:


Please note – it is not a good idea to print the calendar out, as the information might get updated and you will not realize this if you are referring to a print out of a calendar at a certain point in time.

To see more details about a heading in the calendar, you need to click on that heading – it will pop-up a small window giving you what details have been filled in already. This is where we have information such as which teams are playing and times, and also what material will be covered in a test/examination:

It is important to note here that it is also not a good idea to click on the bottom option “Copy to my calendar” here, for the same reason as printing, you will not receive updated information if anything changes in the live calendar.