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 22 June 2015
Newsletter 21

Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:

  • Shane Cuthbertson - looks back on the busy term, and reminds parents of the Country Fair, and collection of Tombola and Grocery items in the new term.

  • Allan Chandler - wishes all a blessed and peaceful holiday.

  • Barbara Taljard - congratulates the Eshowe touring group on their good behaviour, and thanks parents for their continued support - along with well wishes for the upcoming July holiday.


Stock Shop

We will be closed for the June/July holidays but will be open on Friday 17th July from 8.30am – 10.30am.


Pop Up Market

OldSchoolCupboardIt’s time to clean out your cupboards, Old School Cupboard is giving parents the opportunity to sell their excess, unwanted sports equipment and give other parents the choice of purchasing second hand equipment for their kids instead of buying new.

We will negotiate a sale price and once sold you will receive cash for your goods.
Kids are not cheap and a new sports season means the need for new equipment. This is a good opportunity to keep your costs down.

If you have items that are not suitable for resale I will organise for them to be donated to under privileged schools in the area on your behalf. This is an online business for further information please contact: Alison 0845724600

Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

Surviving the Avalanche


Fundraising Initiative

Hay Hoe BP Service station situated at 6 Underwood Road Pinetown is making a donation to TMC for every litre of petrol sold to a TMC parent. Each parent will be given a card next week with a number on it. This number will then be recorded with the number of litres purchased by the card holder. In addition TMC parents who use this petrol station will be entered into a monthly draw for a food/goodie hamper to the value of R250-00 and 2 free car washes. Simply by filling up at Hay Hoe Service Station you are supporting the fundraising initiative for our 2016 Overseas Tours. Thereafter, the funds raised by the Hay Hoe Service Station initiative will go towards Parents' Council Fundraising.


Comedy Night


Achievements   Extra-mural Calendars   Academic Calendars
Week Ahead  Quick Links
Monday 22 June FP Readathon Week
  HS Winter Sports' Awards
Tuesday 23 June Hooked on Books Show
  SP Open Interhouse Rugby (2pm - 3:20pm) - Pickering Field
  HS Academic/Cultural Tour leaves
  Rob Bentley & Sean Wisedale - Surviving the Avalanche - Peter Habberton Hall (6.30pm)
Wednesday 24 June HS Interhouse Sports' Day
Thursday 25 June SP Non-Academic Day (NAD)
  SP Tennis Match
Friday 26 June JP Book Character Dress Up Day
  Break Up Day - School closes early
  FP - 11:00
  SP - 11:30
  HS - 12:00
  Aftercare closes at 3pm
  HS Academic Tour returns


Scripture for the week


And if it seem evil to you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

Life is about choices. In 1535 Sir Thomas More made a choice in refusing to accept King Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church of England, and what he saw as Henry's bigamous marriage to Anne Boleyn. Tried for treason for his refusal to condone this, Thomas More was convicted and beheaded.

In 1935 he was canonised as a saint by the Catholic Church (feast day 22nd June) and also the Anglican Church (feast day 6th July) in 1980. Thomas served both his God and King faithfully but ultimately he had to choose between them. As a Christian he had lived by Godly principles all his life and also chose to die for them. On approaching the executioners block he said “the King’s good servant but God’s first’. Biblical principles are of little value if we do not either live by them or even prepared to die for them.

The Bible is the story of the power of the right choice over the wrong. Here Joshua asks the Israelites to choose, to make a decision are you serving the Lord or other gods. The challenge we are faced with today is still the same as the decision the Israelites had to make 3000 years ago. Are we willing to stand up and be counted for the Lord our God? Jesus said” The person who isn't with me is against me, and the person who doesn't gather with me scatters." Luke 11:23. Choose today the one who can change your life forever.

Shalom (peace)

God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

As the second term draws to a close, we can look back on a busy but very successful term. This is always a demanding time. The winter sporting season is without doubt the busiest and on top of this we have had the burden of the mid-year exams. The High School Winter Sports' Awards Dinner to be held this evening will mark the end of a season in which the U14A netball and U15A rugby teams were unbeaten. Hockey is really starting to take off as we are feeling the benefits of our wonderful astro-turf facility. The new technical area has been completed this term and we now have a magnificent viewing deck on the roof of the structure.

Country Fair planning is in the advanced stages. Without the reminder of a civvies day, a number of families missed the Tombola collection day. May I appeal to those that did not send a Tombola item to please do so when we collect the grocery items on 28th July. This will be a civvies day so hopefully everyone will remember this time. Country Fair is one of the Parents' Council's biggest fund raisers and all the funds are committed to improving the campus facilities. This is a cause from which we will all benefit.

Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

I wish you all a blessed and peaceful holiday.

Allan Chandler
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Thank you to all our Junior and Pre-Primary Dads who attended the Fathers’ Day celebrations in the Foundation Phase last week. We really appreciate your support – and your children loved having you there.

I was thrilled to hear such positive feedback about our children’s manners and behaviour, from the S.P. choir and from our sport teams who went to Eshowe for this past weekend. Thank you to the staff who accompanied them for giving up your valuable time and to those parents who were able to support. The TMC flag continues to fly high!

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us after what has been a very hectic term. When we review what has been achieved, it is all credit to our dedicated, hard-working teachers, supportive parents and happy, contented and energetic pupils! I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all our teachers. The commitment, energy and willingness to go the extra distance are appreciated! While teaching is very rewarding, it is also a very demanding profession! We have a very special team here at Thomas More and we are grateful to them for their loyalty and the high standards they set in all they do. We also appreciate all the support we receive from the admin staff who keep the cogs turning, and from our maintenance, cleaning, estate and kitchen staff who also do a superb job.

To our parents, thank you for your support and the contributions you make, whether being a loyal sports supporter, taxi to and from sport matches, on committees, as a class rep/ mom or reading mom, or just being there to support your child in all his/ her activities and homework! Thank you too for sending in the extra sandwich for the 1000 Hills Outreach, winter woollies or that extra jar of peanut butter, or loaf of bread to assist the 1000 Hills Community over the holiday period and for the response to the Parents’ Council request for tombola items for the Country Fair, as wellas those who have already completed raffle forms..

We have an exciting last week of term with our “Hooked on Books” shows tomorrow, and the opportunity for children to acquire the books spoken about after the show, should you have signed the consent debit form. Thursday is our Senior Primary Non-academic day (NAD Day), which is always such fun for our pupils who come home invigorated and inspired, while Friday is Junior Primary book character dress up day.

Reports will be issued to the children on the last day of term and will be available on the parent portal from the evening of the day we close. Closure time is 11:00 for the Foundation Phase and 11:30 for the Senior Primary.

Our best wishes to Tessa Palmer and her husband as they embark on their adventures in Europe. Tessa has worked in the Foundation Phase Aftercare and previously in the Crèche and her input and contribution has been valued. All the very best to you both.

We trust you will all have a relaxing long break over the holiday period and wish you quality family time, safe travelling if you are going away and God’s richest blessings. School re-opens on Monday 20 July.  

Barbara Taljard
Primary School Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  - Sponsored by Debonairs & Steers – Kloof


Weekly Achievers will resume in the new term.


Super Maths

Congratulations to Saien Moodley and Luke Leppan for completing an Advanced Problem Solving Mathematics Course at the University of Natal.  Both were awarded Einstein Club certificates.  Well done boys.


Cultural Achievements

None to announce this week.


Sporting Achievements

Cross Country

Well done to Brad Ballack for being selected at the City of Durban Cross Country trials on Friday. Julia Butler and Ezra Haug placed 7th and were chosen at reserves.



Congratulations to Erin Alexander who took part in the SA JKA Karate Championships in JHB. Erin entered the girls' U8 green belt division and won a gold in Kumite. Well done Erin.


Eshowe Rugby Tour

TMPS 1st XV vs Mtunzini Primary drew 5 - 5

TMPS 1st XV vs Eshowe Junior School lost 30 - 0

TMPS 1st XV vs Bishop 2nd XV lost 10 - 5


2nd Term SP Tennis Results

TMPS vs Winston Park – lost 15 - 30

TMPS vs HCA Curro- won 28 - 17

TMPS vs Westville – won 29 -16

TMPS vs Gelofte – won 26 – 4

TMPS vs Atholl Heights – lost 20 – 25

TMPS vs Kloof – won 34 – 11


Soccer - Grade 1 Girls

vs Winston Park 1 drew 0-0

vs Forest View lost 0-2

vs HCA 3 lost 0-1

vs Hillcrest 1 drew 0-0

vs HCA 1 drew 0-0

vs Winston Park 2 drew 0-0


Soccer - Grade 1 Boys

vs Winston Park 2 won 1-0

vs TMC 3 drew 0-0

vs Forest View lost 1-0

vs Hillcrest 2 drew 0-0

vs HCA 2 lost 0-3

vs Winston Park 1 drew 0-0

vs Hillcrest 2 won 1-0

vs Forest View drew 0-0

vs TMC 1 drew 0-0

vs Kloof 1 drew 1-1

vs Winston Park 1 won 1-0

vs HCA 1 won 2-0

vs Winston Park 2 drew 0-0


Soccer - Grade 2 Girls

vs Atholl Heights won 1-0

vs HCA 2 drew 0-0

vs Winston Park 2 drew 1-1

vs Winston Park 2 lost 0-1

vs Hillcrest drew 0-0

vs HCA 2 lost 0-1


Soccer - Grade 2 Boys

vs Atholl Heights drew 1-1

vs HCA 1 lost 0-1

vs Hillcrest 4 won 2-0

vs Winston Park drew 0-0

vs HCA 2 lost 0-4

vs Hillcrest 2 won 1-0


Grade 3 Girls' Soccer night game

TMC 1 vs St Marys 3 lost 2-0

TMC 1 vs Kloof 1 lost 1-0

TMC 1 vs HCA 2 drew 1-1

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest 1 drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs HCA 3 drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs St Marys 1 won 1-0

TMC 2 vs Forest View 1 drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs St Marys 2 drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest 1 lost 1-0

TMC 3 vs HCA 1 won 1-0


Google Calendars for parents

All of these calendars start out with basic information and then details are added as we find them out. E.g. at the start of a term, a subject test will be booked for a later date. As the time draws closer, the teacher is able to determine more fully what syllabus the class has managed to cover thus far, and will fill in details of what will be in the test at that stage.

It is important to note that this information is “live” and needs to be checked regularly. We have links to the different calendars available inside our website, found under the different Phase sections. We also have links to the same calendars inside the Parent Portal. The calendars that apply can be found under each of your child’s subheadings.


The Horse’s Mouth Newsletter has all calendar links available to be able to easily find whichever calendars you need to.


How to use the Google Calendar:

After you have clicked on the relevant calendar link, it will show you the default monthly view of the calendar:


There are navigation buttons at the top left to change dates easily to look back or to future events:


You are able to change the view of the calendar using the buttons at the top right to show only a week at a time, the default monthly view, or if you click on “Agenda” then you will see a list of events scheduled:


Please note – it is not a good idea to print the calendar out, as the information might get updated and you will not realize this if you are referring to a print out of a calendar at a certain point in time.

To see more details about a heading in the calendar, you need to click on that heading – it will pop-up a small window giving you what details have been filled in already. This is where we have information such as which teams are playing and times, and also what material will be covered in a test/examination:

It is important to note here that it is also not a good idea to click on the bottom option “Copy to my calendar” here, for the same reason as printing, you will not receive updated information if anything changes in the live calendar.