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 18 May 2015
Newsletter 16

Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:

  • Shane Cuthbertson - speaks about society and the new iGeneration and the need to shift back to morals and values based education in an ever changing world.

  • Allan Chandler - shares two meaningful quotes from William Henry Channing and David Orr.

  • Barbara Taljard - shares some exam stress-busting and preparation tips



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Pop Up Market

Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

Google Calendars for parents

We plan ahead as far as possible for test dates and sporting fixtures, and so information gets added into these areas often. For this reason, we have set up a number of different Google Calendars to allow parents and students to access information as soon as it is available, so that they may also plan ahead.


We have a separate calendar for each Grade’s academic deadlines starting from Grade 5 onwards. This allows teachers to make sure that a grade is not getting overloaded with deadlines bunching up. We also have separate sporting calendars for each Phase of the school.


We have included a section at the end of the newsletter to explain google calendars in more detail.

Your login details for the portal have been included in the email sent to you for this newsletter – please note the easy to use address for the portal:



Achievements   Extra-mural Calendars   Academic Calendars
Week Ahead  Quick Links
Monday 18 May Christian Arts Festival begins
Tuesday 19 May Christian Arts Festival
Wednesday 20 May Christian Arts Festival
  Rugby vs Ashley - Home
  U9 Rugby vs Atholl Heights - Home
  Netball vs Lyndhurst - tbc
  Grade 3 Boys' & Girls' Soccer Matches - Forest View
  Board Meeting - Robin Savory Pavilion
Thursday 21 May Christian Arts Festival
  Grade 1 & 2 Boys' Soccer Matches - Highbury
  Grade 1 & 2 Girls' Soccer Matches - Forest View
Friday 22 May Christian Arts Festival
  Inter School Cross Country - Forest View
Saturday 23 May SP Rugby vs Northdene - Away
  U9 Rugby vs Northdene - Home


Scripture for the week


There is no fear where love exists. Rather, perfect love banishes fear, for fear involves punishment, and the person who lives in fear has not been perfected in love. We love because He first loved us. Whoever says, "I love God," but hates his brother is a liar. The one who does not love the brother whom he has seen cannot love a God whom he has not seen. 1 John 4:16-19

The recent xenophobic attacks in our country have left us once again reeling. What kind of country have we become? However, we are not alone in this; we live in a world full of phobias. People fear so much both real and imaginary. Here John writes that “perfect love casts out all our fears” and our love and fearlessness comes from the one who “first loved us”. We need to love not only our Creator God but others and to allow our fears to be overwhelmed by the love of God in Christ Jesus.  

Shalom (peace)

God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

Our children are growing up in a world that is very different to the one that their parents experienced as children. This is a world of technology and social interconnection. The common nicknames for this new generation are the iGeneration, Gen Tech, Gen Wii, Digital Natives. These names are still being bandied about and one will surely stick. Theirs will be a world where it will not be about remembering facts but rather learning about how to access them. One of the biggest challenges will be that almost all information will be accessible. Much of this sort of information would in the past have been withheld from children who were seen to be not yet ready. We can no longer shelter our children. We cannot wrap them up and protect them from influences that are bad for them. While this may now seem to be a time for technology education to improve in schools, the focus now needs to shift more and more to moral and values based education. It will be about teaching our children to be moral people and to make the right decisions for themselves. The value of Christian Education will become more and not less important in the world of the future.

The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be. (Paul Valery)

Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

“To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never. In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden, and unconscious grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.” (William Henry Channing, 1810 – 1884, US clergyman and philosopher.)

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more ‘successful’ people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane.”  (David Orr – American professor and International environmentalist) 

Allan Chandler
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Thank you to all those parents who supported us at the inter-schools cross country we hosted on Friday- and for your patience with the parking. Our marimba teams (2 Primary and 2 High School) and orchestra performed at the Indigenous Open Gardens at Cotswold Downs on Sunday and did really well. Thank you to the music coaches (Meg Logan, Sheila Chiles and Candice Mordecai-Jones) for all your input in coaching them and for being there for them. Thank you also to all those who assisted with transporting equipment, especially Gary Balarin and Roberta Ramasamy, and to the many parents who supported them.

This week is our Christian Arts festival with the theme, “Wonderfully Made” and all assemblies and LO lessons will be taken by the team from Kloof Harvest. We trust it will be special for our children.

Please remember that Thursday is a civvies day for our pupils in Grades 4-12 in return for providing a clean, used item of clothing or shoes- preferably adult- in good condition. We will be sending the adult clothing for males or females to the Churches who are hosting a “Pop-up Market” to give dignity to the needy. They will be able to “shop for items” but will not pay for them. A lot of work has gone and is going into this project which has been most successful elsewhere. Should we receive children’s clothing, this will go to the 1000 Hills as we have traditionally done.

YES, WE CAN DO WELL IF WE ARE PREPARED! This applies to all of us, but especially now to our Grade 7 s who should be into their studies in preparation for their first exams which start on Thursday 4 June. They have received info about this process from our SP Deputy, Mr Hooper, as well as my suggestions from the Horse’s Mouth last year. Here are a few more things to bear in mind:

General Exam Stress-Busting Tips:

· Believe in yourself. You wouldn't be in the grade if you didn't have the ability to do it. Therefore, if you prepare for the exams properly you should do fine, so do not worry excessively.

· Don't try to be perfect. It's great to succeed, but keep things in balance. If you think that "anything less than A+ means I've failed" then you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself. Aim to do your best but recognise that none of us can be perfect all of the time.

· Take steps to overcome problems. If you find you don't understand some of your work, getting stressed out won't help. Instead, address the problem directly by seeing your teacher or getting help from your class mates.

· Don't keep things bottled up. Confiding in someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way of alleviating stress and worry.

· Keep things in perspective. The exams might seem like the most crucial thing right now, but in the grander scheme of your whole life they are only a small part.

Tips for the exam itself:

· Avoid panic. It's natural to feel some exam nerves prior to starting the exam, but getting excessively nervous is counterproductive as you will not be able to think as clearly.

· The quickest and most effective way of eliminating feelings of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. Breathing in this way calms your whole nervous system. Simultaneously you could give yourself some mental pep-talk by mentally repeating, "I am calm and relaxed" or, "I know I will do fine".

· If your mind goes blank, don't panic! Panicking will just make it harder to recall information. Instead, focus on slow, deep breathing for about one minute. If you still can't remember the information, then move on to another question and return to this question later.

· After the exam don't spend endless time criticising yourself for where you think you went wrong. Often our own self assessment is far too harsh. Congratulate yourself for the things you did right, learn from the bits where you know you could have done better, and then move on.  

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Barbara Taljard
Primary School Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  - Sponsored by Debonairs & Steers – Kloof



Leah Frey - for working diligently and accurately at all her tasks.


Daniel Evans - for his polite, gentle nature and for his careful, diligent approach to reading.


Gaby Rockey - for having lovely manners and for giving of her very best during work times.


Emily Morgan - for her lovely show-and-tell presentation and the desire to give of her best.


Cadi Harper - for wonderful improvement in reading and for trying her very best in all she does.


Samuel Stewart - for really putting great effort into his daily routines.


Vasilios Kapnias - for his consistent and neat presentation of his work and his conscientious and hard-working attitude in class.


Lindo Ndokweni - for his proud work presentation, good memory and fierce rugby tackles.


Jessica Walton - for always listening carefully and trying hard every day.
4dP Aimee Martiz - for the extremely high standard of work which she consistently produces.
4M Tayla Botha - for her kind and gentle nature and for always trying hard in class.
4F Saskia Munian - for her attentiveness and task presentation.
5vL Keren Singh - for her kind, gentle nature and for always trying to give of her best in the classroom.
5P Mavuso Dlamini - for his friendly, outgoing nature and his happy disposition.
5L Genna Meyer - for her focussed and diligent approach to her work this term.
6B Charlotte Williamson - for her bright and cheerful nature and consistent effort she puts into her school work.
6M Christopher Jolly - for his pleasant nature and for always trying his best.
6H Jessica Mills - for her continued hard work and positive attitude.
7M Jorja Theunissen - for keeping such a good balance in all she does and doing so well with her dancing.
7C Nokwanda Khubheka - for her continuous hard work and positive attitude towards maths.
7S Timothy Bartlett - for his focus in class and on the sports field.


We have received late notification of another Thomas More College pupil who has been selected to travel with the South African group of 24 children to China to take part in the International Mathematics competition in July this year.  Congratulations to Saien Moodley, this an outstanding achievement, considering Saien is only in Grade 6, and the other pupils are all in Grade 7.  Well done Saien, we are very proud of you. 


Cultural Achievements


Well done to the following pupils who performed in the National Creative Youth Arts Festival “Dance for Joy!” held at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on Friday 9 May:Elizabeth Sneddon

Tara Saint, Emihle Nonxuba, Isabella Velleman, Sarah Clark, Rachael Easson, Sienna Raath, Sophie Buccimazza - Well done girls.












Sporting Achievements

HS Girls' Hockey
1st TMC 0 1st Crawford La Lucia 0
TMC U16A 0 Crawford La Lucia 1
TMC U14A 5 Crawford La Lucia 1

HS Girls' Netball
1st TMC 19 1st Gelofte 33
2nd TMC 16 2nd Gelofte 24
TMC U16A 38 Gelofte 2
TMC U16B 12 Gelofte 7
TMC U15B 6 Gelofte 31
TMC U14A 38 Gelofte 3

HS Boys' Hockey
1st TMC 3 1st Glenwood 5
2nd TMC 1 3rd Glenwood 2
TMC U16A 0 Glenwood U16A 4
TMC U16B 0 Glenwood U16C 3
TMC U14A 4 Glenwood 14B 0
TMC U14B 2 Glenwood 14C 1

HS Rugby
1st TMC 15 3rd Hilton 10
2nd TMC 0 4th Hilton 56
15A TMC 66 15C Hilton 0
14A TMC 29 U14C Hilton 17

HS Boys' Tennis

1st TMC 25 1st Hillcrest 26 



Jenna Blofield competed in a Gymnastics Competition and placed 2nd in the Pinetown Invitational, 1st in Pietermaritzburg invitational and 1st again in Pinetown KZN Qualifier. She has been chosen for the KZN Team. She will compete in Level 8 13-18 age group for Nationals in Cape Town on 6 June 2015. Well done Jenna.


Grade 1 Soccer Tournaments


vs Highbury 4 won 1-0

vs Forest View drew 0-0

vs Hillcrest 2 won 1-0

vs Highbury 4 drew 0-0

vs Forest View 2 won 2-0

vs Highbury 3 lost 0-1

vs Curro HCA 1 won 1-0

vs Winston Park 1 won 1-0

vs Curro HCA 3 won 1-0


vs Curro HCA 1 won 1-0

vs Winston Park 2 drew 0-0

vs Hillcrest 2 won 2-0

vs Winston Park 1 drew 0-0

vs Forest View drew 0-0

vs Curro HCA 2 drew 0-0


Grade 2 Soccer Tournaments


vs Kloof 2 won 2-0

vs Highbury 4 lost 0-1

vs Highbury 1 drew 0-0

vs Highbury 2 won 1-0

vs Highbury 3 won 1-0

vs Winston Park 1 won 1-0


vs Winston Park 2 drew 0-0

vs Kloof 2 drew 0-0

vs Winston Park 1 drew 0-0

vs Winston Park 1 won 1-0

vs Curro HCA 1 drew 0-0

vs Winston Park 2 drew 0-0


Grade 3 Soccer tournaments


vs Winston Park 1 drew 0-0

vs Hillcrest 3 won 1-0

vs Forest View 1 lost 0-1

vs Hillcrest 2 lost 0-2

vs Winston Park 3 drew 0-0

vs Forest View 2 lost 0-2


vs Hillcrest 2 drew 0-0

vs St. Mary’s 3 drew 0-0

vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

vs St. Mary’s 2 lost 0-1

vs Hillcrest 1 won 1-0

vs Winston Park drew 0-0

vs Curro HCA 1 drew 0-0

vs St. Mary’s 1 drew 0-0


Cross Country @ TMC

Well done to Alex Ric-Hansen for coming 1stand Mackenzy Layden for coming 9th in the U9 girls race and to Alexander Jackson for coming 9th in the U9 boys race!


SP Rugby vs Kloof

U10A vs U10A - TMPS won 45 - 5

U10B vs U10B - TMPS won 10 - 0

U11A vs U11A - Kloof won 0 - 21

2nd vs 2nd - Kloof won 7 - 15

1st vs 1st - Kloof won 12 - 51



Tyler Jelf came 1st in pony riders eventing at Underberg last weekend with her pony Mamma Mia. Well done Tyler.


KZN Hockey

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been selected for the KZN Hockey teams:

KZN U18C Boys’ Outdoor Hockey Team: Jeremy King, Sihle Ngcobo, Karabo Malahleha

KZN U18 non-travelling reserves: Stuart Main, Gareth Davies

KZN U14 non travelling reserve: Gavin Blythen


KZN Cricket

Caitlin Downes was awarded the U19 Player of the Season atthe KZNCU Awards Dinner last Friday. Well done Caitlin.



A number of high profile Karate competitions were recently held around KZN and the following Thomas More pupils won medals: Samuel Haug (Gr.6) won Gold, two Silver and a Bronze; Ezra Haug (Gr.4) won a Gold medal; Connor Harris (Gr.5) won Bronze; Erin Alexander (Gr.2) won a Silver and a Bronze; Emma Simon (Gr.4) won 3 Gold and one Silver medal while her sister Caitlin Simon (Gr.6) won a Silver and a Bronze. A brilliant achievement by our pupils in a very competitive environment with many hundreds of participants. All these pupils are members of the Highway JKA Karate Club which meets at the St. Mary’s Sports Hall. Well done to all concerned!



Congratulations to Hanna Alexander who took part in the South African Judo National Ranking event in JHB last Saturdayand won silver. This retains her 2nd place national ranking. Well done Hanna.



Congratulations to Levi Smith who participated in his first BMX race (KZN Leg 1 points Double Header) on Sunday 17 May at Giba Gorge.  Levi was the only 4 year old to race in the U6 & 7 category.  He was very excited to get to stand on the podium and receive 2 medals.  Well done Levi.


Google Calendars for parents

All of these calendars start out with basic information and then details are added as we find them out. E.g. at the start of a term, a subject test will be booked for a later date. As the time draws closer, the teacher is able to determine more fully what syllabus the class has managed to cover thus far, and will fill in details of what will be in the test at that stage.

It is important to note that this information is “live” and needs to be checked regularly. We have links to the different calendars available inside our website, found under the different Phase sections. We also have links to the same calendars inside the Parent Portal. The calendars that apply can be found under each of your child’s subheadings.


The Horse’s Mouth Newsletter has all calendar links available to be able to easily find whichever calendars you need to.


How to use the Google Calendar:

After you have clicked on the relevant calendar link, it will show you the default monthly view of the calendar:


There are navigation buttons at the top left to change dates easily to look back or to future events:


You are able to change the view of the calendar using the buttons at the top right to show only a week at a time, the default monthly view, or if you click on “Agenda” then you will see a list of events scheduled:


Please note – it is not a good idea to print the calendar out, as the information might get updated and you will not realize this if you are referring to a print out of a calendar at a certain point in time.

To see more details about a heading in the calendar, you need to click on that heading – it will pop-up a small window giving you what details have been filled in already. This is where we have information such as which teams are playing and times, and also what material will be covered in a test/examination:

It is important to note here that it is also not a good idea to click on the bottom option “Copy to my calendar” here, for the same reason as printing, you will not receive updated information if anything changes in the live calendar.